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    Dalian Fan Tai General Equipment Co., Ltd. is a private heavy equipment manufacturer. The company was founded in February 2014 with a total assets of 20 million yuan. The workshop area is more than 10000 square meters, the office building and the dormitory area are 2000 square meters, the staff 50 people, the factory is located in the beautiful seaside city - Dalian Free Trade Zone twelve Liu Street Liu semi ditch industrial area, is located near the 201 National Road, the highway connects Shen Da, Dan Dalian high speed, the traffic is convenient.
    Our company is mainly engaged in welding, metal components and mechanical processing of various large equipment, with an annual production capacity of over 2000 tons. Japan, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and other international companies have processed large structure, high quality products, good reputation has been praised by many customers.
    Our company has digital plasma cutting machine, numerical control flame cutting machine, numerical control plane drilling machine, CNC saw machine, 600T oil press, three roll plate machine, bending machine, joint punching machine and other advanced equipment, in addition, it has an independent pre treatment shot blasting and sand beating line, and has a complete production line of plastic spray equipment. And in 2016, the investment and introduction of 4 sets of Panasonic industrial welding robot system, greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce production costs. Now it has been applied in the field of outdoor railings, transport logistics pallets, support angle hardware and other fields, the products have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers.
    Our company gained independent import and export rights in 2015, and its products have been exported to many countries in the Americas and Europe. The company pursues the business philosophy of "keeping good faith for survival, seeking practical quality for development", and setting up the value concept of "quality first, statement, insistence on innovation and pursuit of perfection", which is recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad.


    Hot News


    Process flow of steel support installation2019.12.24

    When the foundation pit of the subway is excavated to the design depth, the measurement group will set out the support position, process the steel purlin outside the site, weld the steel base plate of the support bracket and the stop plate on the steel purlin, assemble one end fixed according to the width of the foundation pit, one end movable subway steel support, the length temporarily determined according to the width of the section, fine tune the steel wedge, and symmetrically weld four stiffened plates on the lattice column along the direction of the line, According to the support position, weld on the lattice column along the line direction (40 double channel steel, channel steel is placed on 4 stiffened plates). Chisel the surface of the retaining pile structure within the support range as the support surface of the steel waist beam and install the bracket.
    Install the steel purlin and support bracket steel base plate, fill the gap between the steel waist beam and the enclosure pile with C20 concrete, use 25t crane or tower crane to lift the assembled steel to support the steel bracket, so that the wide position of the movable end is supported on the steel base plate, and insert the hardwood wedge under the steel support, then use the limit plate and the limit bar to fix the steel support, and use two hydraulic jacks to symmetrically support the two sides The prestressing force applied is 0.6 times of the design axial force, and the steel wedge is used to lock the steel support after the pressure gauge is obviously attenuated.

    Common problems of dust collector bag in use2019.12.24

    During the operation of the dust collector, the dust is distributed outside the cloth bag, and the filter bag will be blocked for a long time. When the filter bag is blocked, the resistance increases, which can be shown by the increase of reading value of differential pressure gauge. The clogging of the filter bag is the main cause of the wear, perforation and falling off of the filter bag.

    Fenders are now gradually being widely used2019.07.23

    How about the moulding method and anti-oxidation performance of the fender? Fender board has been gradually widely used, its ultra-high performance has been generally recognized by the majority of users, so how much do you know about the main mobility of fender, let's have a detailed understanding of the following:
    1. The mixing of fender and LCP greatly increases the fluidity and can be processed by single screw extruder. The more LCP is added, the better the fluidity of the mixture is.
    2. When the board is blended with PE, the addition of PE is less than 0.3, so as to ensure that the blend has good processability without reducing too many excellent properties.
    3. Adding polyethylene wax and stearate below 0.1 to fender;
    4. By adding 0.03-0.05 layered silicate to our products, the melt flow index can reach 0.2-0.4g/10min.
    5. Adding 0.01 pyrolytic silica into UHMWPE can be used as nucleating agent to increase the fluidity of polyethylene.
    These are the main manifestations of the fender's fluidity. We must operate correctly according to the instructions, so that its performance can be fully displayed. More information about fender will continue to be sorted out for you. You are welcome to consult in time.