Helping Protect the Environment

Every plant hire company has a responsibility to help protect the environment. Given this is an industry with emission-heavy equipment, more focus should always be placed towards suitable practices that reduce the carbon footprint of any hire company.

Of course, sustainability means nothing without action. It’s all well and good to say you are committed to help protect the environment but showing how you do this is an entirely different matter.

There are many ways that a plant hire company can do their part and help protect to environment!

Low Emission Vehicles

Plant hire firms are constantly investing in new vehicles to help improve their services. From company cars to delivery vehicles to the machinery itself, there are countless types of vehicles purchased every day in the hire industry.

So, a company can showcase its commitment to sustainability by investing in low emissions vehicles whenever possible. Look to be compliant with current European emission standards, purchasing vehicles that fall within their specific tiers of compliancy.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Delivering equipment across the country is naturally going to lead to high fuel consumption, but there are ways that you can reduce the amount of fuel used to help protect the environment. Consider reviewing delivery practices to determine if there are more efficient routes that could reduce fuel and emissions.

As mentioned, purchasing low emission vehicles can greatly improve fuel efficiency, helping to greatly reduce emissions from deliveries. You can also invest in vehicles and other equipment that have innovative designs that further reduce emissions, such frames for trailers that reduce drag and fuel consumption.

Keep Machinery Efficient

When machinery is working at optimal levels their emissions are naturally lower. So, by continually servicing all machinery you have better control over their impact on the environment, reducing any high emissions whenever possible.

Small Changes that Make a Big Difference

Every little effort makes a big difference, so encourage a sustainable working culture throughout your business, even down to the smallest detail. This can be something has simple as switching to LED lightbulbs in your office – it could reduce energy consumption from lighting by a third!

Better still, why no go paperless? Delivery teams using tablets to process paperwork are known to speed up delivery processing and reducing errors, making it a more efficient practice compared to physical paperwork!

More importantly, it greatly reduces paper consumption throughout the company, which is a small yet significant way to help protect the environment.