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Important tips to buy a four-wheeled walker

You can buy a four-wheel walker from a medical supply store. When you buy, it you should look for its color, price, height, and style. Some tips can help you to make the right decision. The height of the handles of the walker must be of the same height of the users’ wrist. An inch up or down is okay if that makes a user more comfortable. You will not want it to be too low or too high. The width of the 4 wheel walkers is the same. However, there are a few that are wider or narrower. The narrow ones are not sturdy like the regular walkers.

If the size of the wheels is large, the walkers can roll over the rough surfaces easily. If you are likely to use it outside, then an 8-inch wheel can be a good idea. Small wheels get caught in the dirt and cracks easily. Ensure you can use the brakes of the walkers. Some of the brakes are stiff. This may cause a problem so it is advised to put on the brakes when you sit down and stand up. Make sure the walkers are not very heavy and moreover, they should be foldable so that they can get fit into a truck easily. For more options, you can check the website

Rollator or walker?

Many think that rollators and walkers are the same but in fact, they are different. Though both are used to help people having mobility issues, yet they use different means. An adult walker is aluminum built. When you walk with a walker you have to lift it then move forward and then place it down to make it function properly. It does not move easily like a rollator; however, many walker models have wheels that can make the movement quite easy and efficient. Its cost is less compared to a rollator. Adult walkers are available in two types- wheels or no wheels. The wheels make the ride easy.

Bariatric products are meant for those individuals whose weight is more than the average population. Walkers have the standard weight capacity. If your weight is more than the capacity of the standard walkers, then a bariatric walker is an option. The dimensions are bigger and the weight capacity is more. A rollator is like a standard walker but it has additional features such as a seat, basket, brake, and wheels. The main advantage is that a rollator can be used easily. Rollators make walking smooth and the users can slide on the ground without any effort. They are trendy and their look is fashionable and sleek.

Lightweight rollators

If you are planning to buy a rollator, then you must buy a lightweight product. A lightweight minimizes weight and it is done by using the lightweight alloys and also by reducing the parts of a rollator in size. The lightweight rollators weigh about 25-60 percent lighter than the counterparts. Lighter the weight, easier to push. If you cannot carry large weight or if you want a portable and a small walker, then a lightweight rollator is a perfect choice. To know in details about lightweight rollators check