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Knowing Binaural Beats Therapy Better!

Understanding binaural beat can be a bit complicated. Basically, when each of your ears hear a different frequency, the brain processes at a beat that’s the difference between these frequencies. That’s known as the binaural beat. Binaural beats, in the medical world, are considered to auditory illusions, and these beats must have a frequency lower than 1000 Hz. Also, the difference between both tones should be 30 Hz or less. Each of the tones must also be listened individually in each year. Today, binaural beats are known to have a number of benefits.

What are the benefits?

There are several known health benefits of binaural beats, mainly as a meditation practice. While research is necessary in this aspect, but available information shows that it can reduce anxiety and stress, can help with mood elevation and can also promote creativity. It also allows a person to think better and focus on the right things. Some research has revealed that it can have some benefit for pain management, although more information is desirable. Meditation, on its own, can calm the mind considerably. However, not everyone can use meditation effectively as required, which is why technology is handy. With binaural beats, you can meditate and get the benefits better.

How to use binaural beats?

Finding the best binaural beats is easy. There are many options available for sale, and you can also get apps. To get started, you need a nice and relaxing space, which doesn’t have any distractions. Next, you need a good earphone or at least a music system. Audio files for binaural beats can be downloaded and played on your phone or you can get CDs. For this to work, as mentioned, you need to listen two tones, one for each ear, with frequencies less than 1000 Hz and difference not more than 30 Hz.


There are different kinds of binaural beat patterns. The delta ones are associated with relaxation and sleep, while theta binaural beats are known for reducing anxiety and inducing creativity. Alpha frequency binaural beats are best for relaxation and promoting positivity. To make the most of these patterns, you must listen to binaural beats for at least half an hour each day.

More research is required, but auditory illusion is known to have many health benefits, especially for mental needs. Check online to find about auditory illusions and binaural beats now, and don’t forget to get a good pair of noise-cancelling earphones.