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Neurological Illnesses Associated with Synthetic Pesticide Exposure

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Learning Disabilities, etc. – all of these are neurological problems of dis-ease. Neurological illnesses are instances in which the thinking processes is compromised. How come these conditions increasingly more common?

Due to pesticides. What exactly are pesticides? They’re human made, synthetic poisons which are odor free and without color chemicals which are more and more prevalent and nearly impossible to prevent. Our entire food is marinated in pesticides through the entire growth process and utilized in excess throughout the publish harvest, processing and packaging stages. Unless of course you increase your own food, you’re consuming toxic, odor free, without color man-made synthetic pesticides.

But it gets better – each and every public structure is bathed in abnormal pesticide chemicals to make sure we don’t encounter just one pest. Schools, supermarkets, malls, business offices, hospitals, restaurants, sports arenas and our very own homes have been given toxins you can’t smell or see. It’s impossible to prevent these chemicals.

Just how will they cause disease? Simple – they are neurological poisons engineered to affect unwanted pests. What’s pesticides’ function? To make use of chemicals which are sufficiently strong to kill or compromise bugs although not affect humans. However it has shown a hopeless option which has tragically backfired. Rather, the harmful chemicals ARE affecting humans which same pesticides are losing effectiveness with bugs.

Materials that aren’t natural can’t be metabolized by the body – our physiques don’t have any mechanism to cope with something which is not real. So synthetic pesticides within our physiques are just like plastics within the landfill – they do not decompose but remain and accumulate. They start to infiltrate into your bodies cells in our brains – and cause neuro disease. They’re intentionally tailored for cause neurological damage plus they just do that in humans – hence the rise in neurological problems.

Pesticide Resistance may be the amazing scientific phenomenon that proves that pest populations given repeated exposure to particular pesticide will end up safe from the results. Hmm… therefore the more we begin using these bug killers, the less efficient they’re therefore, the bugs are resistant. The only real solution then is more powerful more lethal poisons meaning we’re now uncovered to more destructive chemicals to ruin our physiques.

So what can we all do? Only use natural pest management products and demand that any structure you’ve affect on only use natural products. The monstrous synthetic chemical manufacturers would like you to ensure they are more potent using man-made concoctions but truthfully, there’s you don’t need to use synthetic when natural works.

We are able to arrest multiplication of neurological illnesses through the elimination of contact with synthetic pesticides. Wouldn’t Certainly be the best time for you to start?

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