Senior Assisted Living – How to Go for the Best One?

After a point of time, senior assisted living comes across as the only best and viable option in terms of manpower, resource and financial conditions are concerned. It needs to be understood that many elderly people would want to move out of the house and go for a senior assisted living community where they get to spend time with fellow seniors and get customized personal as well as healthcare services. Assisted living would provide for all the care, facilities and amenities that a senior member would require. However, it is important to note that a healthcare service is different from that of assisted living services.

Cost and services

It needs to be understood that the cost of services varies considerably based on a number of factor and one need not be shocked to check the price on the superficial level. A little research would open up to the information that the costs for the service varies from an individual to individual based on the level of services and other such criteria. The national average cost comes to $43,500 a year however there is nothing to be shocked or worried about it as it varies from state to state and is also heavily based on the services that you choose along with it. Here are some factors that affect the cost of the service,

  • Level of service – some may require light service whereas some others may require a dedicated service provider. The cost would go up or down based on the individual requirements. Some seniors would require a great deal of assisted services right from taking bath, changing cloths, grooming to that of eating and medicine administration. These all would add up to the overall cost.
  • Amenities offered – An assisted living community would offer different range of amenities and one can choose to go with a specific set of amenities alone and save considerable amount of cost in the process.
  • Floor plans – Some may go for a shared room option and some may need individual rooms. The floor plans vary considerably and so does the overall cost based on the plan.

Choose with care

A Place at Home helps you to find the best community for assisted living based on the specific requirement that one has. There are facilities that offer free services for visitors to the senior members and there are other such services offered by the community for one and all. A Place at Home checks through various communities and chooses the one that fits into your needs perfectly.