The Best DIY Gifts for your Loved Ones

For a lot of people, they are happy when they receive gifts, not because of the monetary value of the present but knowing the fact that the person exerted an effort for such. That being said, rather than buying something that is available ready in the store, why not consider DIY gifts? If you have no idea what DIY gift is best, read on and learn from some of our suggestions below.

Sharpie Mugs

You do not have to make your own ceramic mug! You can buy a white mug and decorate it on your own with the use of a sharpie. Use different colors and patterns to give it a vibrant look, which is sure to brighten anyone’s day. It will also be good to write the name or the recipient or an inspirational quote. If you do not have time to do it, check out the selection of Shutterfly’s personalized gifts, including their mugs.

Canvas Art

If you have hidden artistic skills, this is another DIY gift worth considering. Aside from a blank canvas, you will need drawing materials. You can have it painted with geometric patterns or abstract art. A pixel painting will also be good, especially for someone who is sophisticated. It will also be good to use metallic and bright paint for a bold contrast. Aside from art, you can also print photos on canvas. If you want the latter to be done professionally and not on your own, look at some of the canvas prints by Shutterfly.

Handmade Accessories

This will work if you have a stylish friend who loves to experiment with a variety of fashion pieces. You can give handmade jewelries using materials that are locally available. Use your creativity to come up with a beautiful piece using available resources. Some of the best DIY accessories that do not require too much to make include tassel bracelets, bobby pin earrings, braided bead anklets, and a fork ring.

Hand-Knitted Sweater

Take it to the next level by having a sweater hand-knitted on your own. It might seem like the hobby of your granny, but if you have a lot of free time and if you want to learn something new, knitting can be good. It will make a good gift for the oldies who would surely appreciate the countless hours and effort that you have poured into that sweater.

Home-made Candles

Candles are quintessential holiday gifts. You can make it more exciting by doing it on your own. Making your own candle is actually easy. You just have to melt the wax, add the fragrance oil, place it in a mold with a wick, and wait until it becomes solid. You can personalize the color or the scents depending on the interests of the person who will receive the candle.

With a little effort to spare and a lot of love for the recipient, the best DIY gifts that have been mentioned above will be easy to make. They are budget-friendly, yet you can be sure that they will be well-loved.